Tuesday, September 29, 2015

YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME on 4 – 6 December 2015, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Youth Leadership Program


Think for a moment about the successful leaders you know. Chances are they all have one quality in common - the ability to communicate effectively. It is important that people develop this ability early in life so that they may successfully meet the challenges of adulthood and leadership. The Youth Leadership Programme helps young people develop their communication and leadership skills so that they may become tomorrow's leaders in business, industry and community. The course is conducted by members of the EXTOL Toastmasters Club of Subang Jaya as part of their community programme.

The Youth Leadership Programme is based on the belief that every young person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but the potential needs to be developed. The programme's unique design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience. Participants learn speaking and leadership skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. They learn to:

· overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience
· organise and present their ideas logically and convincingly
· listen carefully to others' ideas
· offer advice that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills
· participate and even lead group discussions or meetings


Youths in the age group of 12 – 17+ years can participate in the programme. This programme is limited to 30 people. This allows each participant to receive individual attention and the opportunity to get practical experience.

Mr. Samuel Koh Yong Wah


Evaluation of present speaking ability
Discussion of chairmanship principles

Learn the elements of a good speech
The principles of evaluation

Learn the ability "to think on your feet"
Participating in discussions

Learn how to organise your ideas
Discussion of speech organisation

Session Five: LISTENING
Discussion and practice in listening
Presentations and evaluation of speeches

Discover the importance of gestures in speaking
Presentation and evaluation of speeches

Discussion of voice and vocabulary
Presentation and evaluation of speeches
Review of progress

Presentation of special programme


Ms. Jeannie Chow 012-7187332 jeanniechow@yahoo.com

Mr. Samuel Koh Yong Wah 017-6226448  samkohsam@yahoo.com

Mr. Ratnam 012-2323578 skratnam2011@gmail.com

Ms. Kwa Ngan Eng 019-2319800 nganeng@gmail.com


Time of programme: 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m

Date of programme: Friday to Sunday, 4 – 6 December 2015

Venue: Wisma CNS, No 2-6 Jalan SS 19/1G, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Fees: RM500.00 only (inclusive of refreshments, lunch and course materials)


To register, please complete and return the registration form to:
Extol Toastmasters Club (4934)
c/o PLC Construction Sdn Bhd
No. 8-3, Jalan USJ 1/1B,
Regalia Business Centre,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor
Attn: Ms. Jeannie Carrera Chow Yoke Lin

Friday to Sunday, 4 – 6 December 2015, 9.00am to 5.00pm
YES! I wish to participate in the above programme.

Participant’s Name:_________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth:________________________

I/C No:_____________________________


Home Address:_____________________________________________________________________


Name of Parent:____________________________________________________________________

Tel No:____________________________________Fax No:______________________________

E-mail Address:_________________________________________________________________



I/We enclosed herewith a cheque for RM500.00 per participant (crossed and made payable to Jeannie Carrera Chow Yoke Lin)

All registrations MUST be accompanied with payment and is on a first-come-first served basis.


Extol Toastmasters Club reserves the right to cancel this programme due to unforeseen circumstances. In this event, a full refund of fees will be made. 

· If notice of withdrawal is given in writing 1 week BEFORE commencement of the programme, 50% refund will be made. 

· If notice of withdrawal is given in writing WITHIN a week preceeding commencement of this programme 25% refund will be made. 

· If notice of withdrawal is given in writing on THE DAY / AFTER the commencement of this programme, no refund will be made.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

EXTOL TOASTMASTERS CLUB Meeting No. 420 on 16 Sep 2015 at 7.00pm

It was on “a day to be proud of” that we had this “dignified” meeting with guests from various parts of the world and a standing ovation for our “dignified”  club member, Mohmmad Muslim for delivering his CC#10 just two days before he return to his homeland, Afghanistan. 

Dr. Alvin Teoh, ACS

We were also truly glad to have with us, most “dignified” Dr. Alvin Teoh, ACS from Sunway Toastmasters Club to grace our meeting as our General Evaluator.

From L:  Joanne Kuek,  Lee Yong Liang, Nasra, Robert, Jinson Siew, CC, Mohmmad Muslim, Rushona

Simultaneously, we welcomed our “dignified” guests,  Jinson Siew, CC from Summit Toastmasters Club, Rushona from Uzbekistan, Nasra from Maldives, Robert from Nigeria, Lee Yong Liang and our fervent guest, Mr Chan. 

ASA, Nicholas Khoo

ASA, Nicholas Khoo called the meeting to order at 7.04pm. Great job, Nick!

Immediate Past President, Jeannie ACS, ALB

As our President was late, Immediate Past President, Jeannie ACS, ALB in her opening address, reminded us that “a day to be proud of” encompassed skin, colour, creed and engulf the whole world as just one drop of tainted water will contaminate the whole ocean and polluted air will defile the whole world as we are after all sharing the same earth.  Well said, Jeannie!

TME, Jeannie ACS, ALB

The whole meeting was conducted smoothly and efficiently by TME, Jeannie ACS, ALB. Well done, Jeannie!

SK Ratnam, DTM

In his invocation, SK Ratnam, DTM encouraged us to acquire the ability to achieve what we want and be unafraid to fail. Thank you, SK!

Table Topics Master, Nicholas Khoo

Table Topics Master, Nicholas Khoo, offered awesome impromptu topics based on the theme “a day to be proud of” to five gallant speakers. Stupendous job, Nick!

Jinson Siew, CC

First volunteer, Jinson Siew, CC invited all to visit Sabah & Sarawak to enjoy all the specialties and scenic views, in his topic, “What do you think make Sabah & Sarawak special to Malaysia?”

Mohmmad Muslim

Second volunteer, Mohmmad Muslim envisioned living in a quality, developed, united, racially harmonious Malaysia in his topic, “How would you see yourself in the year 2020?” 

Third volunteer, Nasra divulged the knowledge that she had gathered about Malaysia and Singapore in the topic “How unique do you think is Malaysian history compared to others?”


Fourth volunteer, Robert hoped for a peaceful, responsible, successful Malaysia for his topic, “How do you see Malaysia in the year 2020?” 

Lee Yong Liang

Fifth and final volunteer, Lee Yong Liang painted a vivid description of his hometown, Air Itam, Johor, prompting us to pay a visit soon, for the topic, “Tell us the place you want to visit in Malaysia and why?” 

Thank you, dear extemporaneous speakers for sharing all your innermost thoughts and feelings about yourself and Malaysia. You had certainly made this “a day to be proud of”.

From L: Lee Yong Liang,  Ken Koh, ACB,   Mohmmad Muslim,   Jeannie, ACS, ALB

And the best Table Topics Speakers went to both Mohmmad Muslim and Lee Yong Liang. Congratulations, Muslim and Yong Liang!

Humour Master, Pun Yew Kee, CC

Humour Master, Pun Yew Kee, CC asserted that he must be “dignified” in his humour when he spouted jokes about “ice cream”, “coffee in pubs” and “prostitution” which horrified yet amused everybody. Stupendous sense of humour, Yew Kee!

Table Topics Evaluator, Dr Ravichandran

Table Topics Evaluator, Dr Ravichandran was very precise, succinct and heartening in his evaluations for all the five impromptu speeches. Thank you, Ravi!

First project speaker, Samuel Koh

First project speaker, Samuel Koh convinced us that failure is impermanent, as with passion, perseverance and stamina we will overcome obstacles and propel us towards our goals, in his CC#3 titled, “Key to success - Grit”. Immensely powerful speech, Sam! 

SK Ratnam, DTM

His evaluator, SK Ratnam, DTM commended him on his very well done speech which enumerated the methods to achieve our dreams. Thank you, SK!

Second project speaker, Tham Yen Lai

Second project speaker, Tham Yen Lai reiterated that “Effective Communication” was a powerful tool, with her three points explanations and examples  in her CC#4 speech. Remarkably informative speech , Yen Lai!

Dr Ravichandran

Her evaluator, Dr Ravichandran was well satisfied with her “dignified” speech which persuaded all that it was not all that difficult to be effective communicators. Thank you, Ravi!

Third project speaker, Victor Guijo

Third project speaker, Victor Guijo expose d all our addictions as well as his own, in his CC#4 entitled, “Are you an addict?” by recounting our hidden, secret and unaware addictions caused by this advanced, sophisticated and technological world. Amazingly revealing speech, Victor!

Jeannie, ACS, ALB

His evaluator, Jeannie, ACS, ALB concurred that his speech was tremendously well-researched, well-delivered and met the speech objectives. Thank you, Jeannie!

Fourth project speaker, Mohmmad Muslim

Fourth and final project speaker, Mohmmad Muslim, as usual inspired us with his life story in war-zoned Afghanistan in his CC#10, entitled, “The flow of my life”. Astoundingly moving speech, Muslim!

Ken Koh, ACB

His evaluator, Ken Koh, ACB was very touched and inspired by his splendid speech. Thank you, Ken!

From L: Ken Koh, ACB,    Sam Koh,    Jeannie, ACS, ALB

From L: Ken Koh, ACB,   Dr Ravichandran,    Jeannie, ACS, ALB

The Best Speaker was Sam Koh and the Best Evaluator was Dr Ravichandran! Congratulations, Sam and Ravi!

From L:  Lee Yong Liang, Nasra, Robert, Jinson Siew, CC, Nicholas Khoo, Mohmmad Muslim

Ah Counter, Jinson Siew gave a detailed and meticulous “word crutches” report for the meeting. Thank you, Jinson!

From L:  Ken Koh, ACB,   Pun Yew Kee, CC,   Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,   SK Ratnam, DTM,   Victor Guijo,  Tham Yen Lai

Grammarian, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM presented a concise and precise report on all usage of words and sentences during the meeting. Fabulous job, Ngan Eng!

From L:  Dr Ravichandra,  Sam Koh,   Joanne Kuek,   Lee Yong Liang,   Nasra,   Robert

Timer, Joanne Kuek gave an accurate and thorough timing report of the whole meeting. Great job, Joanne!

Listening Evaluator, Pun Yew Kee, CC

Listening Evaluator, Pun Yew Kee, CC gave ten extremely difficult questions from speeches made during the meeting resulting in nobody getting at least eight correct answers, therefore nobody was awarded the Best Listener.  Astounding job, Yew Kee! 

General Evaluator, Dr. Alvin Teoh, ACS

General Evaluator, Dr. Alvin Teoh, ACS confessed that he was very happy and fulfilled to visit our club again and he provided us with an encouraging general evaluation. Thank you, Alvin! 

President Ken Koh, ACB

President Ken Koh, ACB encouraged all our club members to go and support our double Champion, Alan Fung at the Area C3 Humourous & Evaluation Speech Contests on 27th September 2015 at 12noon to be held in SJMC.

 Area C3 Humourous & Evaluation Speech Contests

Goodnight! Our next meeting is on 7th October 2015!