Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Meeting #246

Meeting started on time – 7.00pm despite the rain & traffic jam.

TME/LF Chan started the meeting with a bang for the New Year 2008.

Table Topics Master/Chak Ngoon gave topics pertaining to current affairs in Malaysia ranging from Astronauts, China Maids, traffic lights, equality of the sexes and should ‘Politician lead an exemplary life’….

A very appropriate topics for all to share and enjoy and we even continue debating during our fellowship break. There were laughter and wild guesses.

Project Speakers:-

1. LF Chan spoke on phobia and how to overcome it and it was a very informative speech.
2. Gerard Tan spoke on ‘Absorption Chillers’ of our airconditioners, which is quite technical for project No. 7
3. SK Ratnam spoke on spooky titled ‘Strangers in our midst’ and got our Guest/Segar interested and he added his encounter with the ‘Strangers’…

LF Chan emerged ‘Best Speaker’ for the evening with his external & internal events concerning ‘Phobia’. – Congratulations.

I admire the courage of Mikey, who volunteer to speak during Table topics session and I noticed he has improve since his father brought him 2 meetings ago.

Meeting ended at 9.23pm.

Next Meeting will be on the 16th January, 2008 at 6.59pm.

TME will be ACB – Ng Chak Ngoon

Project speakers:

1. CC/Velu – to be confirm
2. CC/Marvin – successful club series (CL)
3. TM Gerard – speech no. 8
4. DTM Patricia – Speech no. 2
5. TM Hui Peng – speech no. 2 (sunway club)

See you all on the 16th January….

Happy New Year 2008!

President Marvin Lau