Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Extol Toastmasters Club Meeting No. 477 on 17th Jan 2018

Extol Toastmasters Club Meeting No. 477

Date: 17th Jan 2018 (Wed)

Time: 7.15pm

Venue: AMPM Café. 11A, Second Floor, Jalan USJ 21/5, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor,101.581116

Refreshment starts at 6.45pm

Full waiter service from AMPM available throughout the meeting, call button and menu on refreshment table.

Theme: 2018 New Chapter

Word of the Day: Optimism

Meaning: Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something.

Example: Extol club members' optimism allows them to believe anything is possible.

General Evaluator: Jimmy Lee, CC, CL (Puchong English Toastmasters Club)

ASA: Puah Soon Keat

TME: Kwa Ngan Eng DTM

Grammarian: Chin Mei Chen

Invocation by SK Ratnam, DTM

Table Topics Master: Pun Yew Kee, CC, ALB

Table Topics Speaker: 1 Ti Tze Czia

Table Topics Speaker:2 Vengkata Ramana Rao

Table Topics Speaker:3 SK Ratnam, DTM

Table Topics Speaker:4 Wilson

Table Topics Speaker:5 Auni Amirah

Humour Master: Phoa Leng Hwa

Table Topics Evaluator: Jeannie, DTM

Listening Evaluator: Puah Soon Keat

Ah Counter: Brian Gannon

Timer: June Soon

New Members Induction by VPM Sara Woo, CC
1 Brian Gannon
2 Ti Tze Czia
3 Vengkata Ramana Rao
4 Puah Soon Keat
5 Auni Amirah
6 Nurfatihah Edayu
7 Chin Mei Chen

Speaker 1: Auni Amirah Pathways: Strategic Relationships Level 1-1: Icebreaker Title: "Life is a Climb"

Speaker 2: Nurfatihah Edayu Pathways: Level 1-1: Ice Breaker Title: "About Me"

Speaker 3: Ti Tze Czia Pathways: Leadership Development Level 1-2: Evaluation and Feedback Title: "Speech Tips"

Evaluator 1: Sam Koh, CC

Evaluator 2: Goh Chee Yong, CC

Evaluator 3: SK Ratnam, DTM

Best Table Topics Speaker: SK Ratnam, DTM

Best Speaker: Auni Amirah

Best Evaluator: Samuel Koh Yong Wah, CC 

Ice Breaker ribbons: Auni Amirah & Nurfatihah Edayu

Best Listener: Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM

Token to General Evaluator: Jimmy Lee, CC, CL

 CC ribbon to Sam Koh, CC

ALS & DTM ribbons to Jeannie Carrera Chow, DTM