Thursday, July 17, 2014

Extol Toastmasters Meeting No. 394 on 16 July 2014

Yesterday, on 16th July 2014, we had a most enjoyable and heartening meeting! 

Many thanks to Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM who stepped in at the last minute as the General Evaluator when our appointed General Evaluator was unable to attend the meeting. 

There were a total of 12 members and three guests, Rohen, Mr. Chan and Miss Lim who attended the meeting. All the members demonstrated teamwork and efficiency to arrange everything in order before and after the meeting which was commendable! Keep up the good work, dearest members!!

SAA, Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong

The meeting started on time at 7.15 pm when SAA, Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong called the meeting to order.

TME Tan Joke Boey, conducted the meeting efficiently and the meeting ended at 9.30pm. A big hand to Joke Boey, a first time TME!

President Jeannie Carrera, CC gave a rousing speech on the motto of the term, “Efficient, Effective, Excellent” which was very enriching and motivated all the members. 

Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM

The Invocation Master, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM  expanded on the Theme of the Meeting, “The early bird catches the worm” and gave a speech on the importance to grab the moment when “opportunity knocks” and do not procrastinate. Thank you for the advice, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM!

The Grammarian, Pun Yew Kee gave an introduction on the Word of the Day “prompt” which is useful in this time and day when everybody is so engrossed in the daily affairs and need to prioritize to ensure success in their daily lives. Well said, Pun Yew Kee!

Shirley Bak, DTM, the Table Topics Master gave very simple catchy phrases as titles for the session. The participants who volunteered for the impromptu speeches are Pun Yew Kee, Mr. Chan, Jessie Lee and Obaidullah. Thank you, volunteers, especially Mr. Chan, our guest. 

Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong, the Table Topics Evaluator was very efficient by evaluating all the speakers fairly and frankly within 4 minutes. Good work, Henry, keep it up!

Best Table Topics Speaker, Obaidullah

The best Table Topics Speaker went to Obaidullah who gave a wonderful speech on “All’s well ends well”. This is the second time that Obaidullah was awarded the best Table Topics Speaker!! Congratulations, Obaidullah!!

There were 4 Project Speakers for the meeting, Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong, Obaidullah, Mohammad Yousuf, CC and Jeannie Carrera, CC.

Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong did his CC speech no. 6 titled “Have you sharpened your axe?” which showed us ways and means to enhance our work productivity and he was evaluated by Ken Koh, CC.

Obaidullah also did his CC speech no. 6 titled, “Everyday Leadership” which encouraged everyone to be confident and effective leaders and he was evaluated by Mohammad Yousuf, CC.

Mohammad Yousuf, CC did a speech on Advance Manual no. 4, presenting an Award titled. “Award for Excellent Leadership of Pun Yew Kee” which gives us an insight of our Past President Pun Yew Kee’s praiseworthy character which we should emulate. His speech was evaluated by Shirley Bak, DTM.

Jeannie Carrera, CC did a speech on Advance Manual no. 5, Entertaining Speaker titled “Mr. Owen” which was an entertaining fairy tale and was evaluated by SK Ratnam, DTM.

Best Speaker & Best Evaluator,
Mohammad Yousuf, CC

Thank you all the speakers for their fine speeches and the evaluators for their encouraging evaluations. Both the best Speaker and the best Evaluator awards went to Mohammad Yousuf, CC! Brilliant, Mohammad Yousuf, CC, continue in your efficient, effective and excellent ways!

Aric Ng Min Hong was a superb Listening Evaluator who gave us 10 questions which reflected his keen observation during the meeting. Thank you, Aric!

Best Listener, SK Ratnam, DTM
The Best Listener award went to SK Ratnam, DTM who had 8 correct answers! Congratulations, SK Ratnam, DTM!

First time Ah Counter, our guest, Rohen was very attentive throughout the meeting and carried out his job exceedingly well by recording all word clutches and reporting them. Thank you, Rohen! We hope that you enjoyed your role very much and will be confident to join us as a member and do your speeches as well.

Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong wore 4 hats and was the Timer and did a awesome job of timing the whole meeting, Kudos, Henry, that’s the way! 

Our General Evaluator, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM was very observant and alert to all going-ons at the meeting and gave a frank and honest opinion of the whole meeting!  Thank you very much, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM! We shall take note of all your advices and be effective at all our future meetings.

President Jeannie Chow, CC also announced that there will be an Extol Club Officers Installation Dinner on 1st August 2014 at 7.00pm and all members are invited to attend. The venue is at Broadbean Café, A-G-32A, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It is free for all members and cost RM22.00 to spouses and invited guests.
She also announced that there will be a Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest for our club at our next meeting on 6th August 2014.

The Organising Chair of the Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest, Tan Joke Boey announced the role players and contestants for the contest. All members, please be present to cheer for the contestants who are participating in the contest. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!

As the Toastmasters International Convention at KLCC is on from 20th – 23rd August 2014, however, the meeting on 20th August 2014 is still on. Everyone is encouraged to attend the convention, if not please attend the regular meeting.

We would also like to call upon a volunteer for the TME role for the next Meeting No. 396 on 20th August 2014.   Dear members, let us be efficient and effective, be the first to grab all the roles available for the next meeting!  Be prompt and make our next meeting an excellent one! Bye-bye!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Extol Toastmasters Club HSE Contest

Extol Toastmasters Club Humourous Speech & Evaluation Contest on 6th August 2014 at 7.00pm.


No. 49, Jalan USJ 1/4P, 47600 Subang Jaya.

All members are welcomed to participate in the contest or take up any roles. The champion of the
Humourous Speech and the champion of the Evaluation Contest shall represent Extol Toastmasters Club at the Area C5 Humourous Speech & Evaluation Contest.

Extol Toastmasters Club Officers Installation Dinner

Extol Toastmasters Club Officers Installation Dinner on 01 August 2014 at 7.00pm

Broadbean Cafe
A-G-32A, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,

Dress code: smart casual
Photographer: Aric Ng Min Hong

Time  Duration Program By
6.30pm  45 mins  Registration Ken Koh. CC
7.15pm  5 mins  MC welcomes everyone Mohammad Yusof, CC
7.20pm  5 mins Address by Division C Governor Tan Hok Eng, ACB, ALS
7.25pm 5 mins  Back to Memory Lane of Extol TMC Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM
7.30pm  30 mins Dinner All
8.00 pm  20 mins Installation Ceremony Lincoln, ACB, ALB & Steven Khaw, CC, CL
8.20pm 5 mins  Address by President Jeannie, CC
8.25 pm 15 mins 2013/2014 Hall of Fame – Awards, Presentation of Tokens Lincoln, ACB, ALB
8.40pm 20 mins Quiz session Henry Yeoh
9.00pm  20 mins  Karaoke session SK Ratnam, DTM
9.20 pm 20mins  Dance session Ken Koh. CC
9.40pm  5 mins  Lucky Draw Tan Hok Eng, ACB, ALS
9.45pm  5 mins  Best dressed Man & Lady of the Night Steven Khaw, CC, CL
9.50pm 5 mins  Closing Speech By President  Jeannie, CC
10.00 pm   Goodnight. See you at our next installation night  

Extol Toastmasters Club - Exco Members 2014/2015

Extol Toastmasters Club (4934-51C)

Executive committee (2014-2015)

Jeannie Carrera Chow, ACS        012-718 7332

VP Education
Rebecca Ann Narcis, CC             012-236 6923

VP Membership
Henry Yeoh Keng Kiong               012-299 9221

VP Public Relations
Aric Ng Min Hong, CC                  010-220-3438

Tan Joke Boey                             012 299 3780

Yip Weng Sang                            016-480 3654

Koh Teck Ken, ACB                     016-238 7189

Immediate Past President
Pun Yew Kee                                016-221 7732

Committee Members:
SK Ratnam, DTM                         012 232 3578
Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM                   019 231 9800
Chan Guan Leong, CTM, CL       012-319 7878
PY Wong, ACB                            012 214 9322

Shirley Bak, DTM                         013-337 5370

We meet every 1st & 3rd  Wednesdays @ 6.45pm at 
Tadika Saujana Ilmu,
No. 49, Jalan USJ 1/4P, 47600 Subang Jaya.

Club Theme
"Efficient, Effective, Excellent"

Club Mission
"To be an exemplary Toastmasters Club"