Saturday, November 20, 2010

Youth Leadership Program 2010

The annual Youth Leadership program is here again.  This year, it will be held from 10th to 12th December 2010 (Friday to Sunday), from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.

Venue for the program is at :

  Wisma CNS 
  No. 2-6 Jalan SS 19/1G, Subang Jaya

This program aims at developing teenagers from 12 to 18 years old in communication and leadership skills.  Building up their self confidence means the youths are better prepared for their future.

As Extol Toastmasters is a non-profit organization, any proceeds from the event will be used to promote activities of the club and the mission and vision of Toastmasters International. No individuals will directly profit from the event.

For registration, please print and complete the brochure below and return the form together with payment as indicated in the form.  

Click on the image below to enlarge the form.


For further details, please contact the following persons:

Ms. Kwa Ngan Eng    019-231 9800   email:
Mr. S K Ratnam         012-232 3578   email:
Ms. Patricia Tan         016-216 0632   email:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Extol TMC Exco 2010/2011

President: Kwa Ngan Eng +6019-2319800
VP Education: Marvin Lau +6012-2364226 
VP Membership: Vera Ng +6016-2000118
VP Public Relations: Krishna Kumar +012-3535670
Secretary: Margie Kaur +012-6075508
Treasurer: SK Ratnam +6012-2323578
Sergeant At Arms: Ling KIea Han +012-2215919
Committee Member: Patricia Tan +6012-6986111
Committee Member:  Goh Sock Cheng +012-3908595
Committee Member: Pun Yew Kee +016-2217732
Immediate Past President: SK Ratnam +6012-2323578

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest 2010

At Club Level
Extol Toastmasters Club held its yearly Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest on 4th August 2010.  A total of  6 contestants took part in each of the contests.

The results:

Extol TMC Humorous Speech Contest 2010
Champion : S K Ratnam (When the God of Prosperity Comes to Your House)
1st Runner Up : Margie Kaur (My Young Teachers)
2nd Runner Up : Patricia Tan (Fatal Distraction)

Contest Chair : Goh Sock Cheng

Extol TMC Evaluation Contest 2010
Test Speaker : Molly Yee (Dancing For Health, Let's Dance)
Champion : Margie Kaur
1st Runner Up : Patricia Tan
2nd Runner Up : Krishna Kumar

Contest Chair : Roy Boyd

The champion and 1st runner up were to represent Extol Toastmasters Club to compete at the Area C3 level on18th September 2010.

At Area Level
There were 6 contestants for each of the contests, 2 from each club in Area C3.  The participating clubs were Stamford College TMC, Sime Darby Healthcare TMC and Extol TMC.  The contests were held at Sime Darby Healthcare, Subang Jaya.

Representing Extol TMC were:
Humorous Speech Contest : S K Ratnam and Margie Kaur
Evaluation Contest : Margie Kaur and Krishna Kumar

The results:

Area C3 Humorous Speech Contest 2010
Champion : Margie Kaur from Extol TMC (I Am Crisis Proud)
1st Runner Up : S K Ratnam from Extol TMC (When the God of Prosperity Came Visiting)
2nd Runner Up : Choong Jay Vee from Sime Darby Healthcare TMC (Look and Learn)

Contest Chair : Kwa Ngan Eng


Area C3 Evaluation Contest 2010
Test Speaker : Chong Mei Teng (How To Deal With Difficult People)
Champion : Chong Eu Jynn from Sime Darby Healthcare TMC
1st Runner Up : Margie Kaur from Extol TMC
2nd Runner Up : Ong Siew Ming from Stamford College TMC

Contest Chair : Wong Siau Fui


Take a look at the admirable trophies .... don't you wish to be the owner of at least one of them? 

Humorous Speech Contest Trophies

Evaluation Contest Trophies

At Division C Level
Representing Area C3 at the Division C Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest were Margie Kaur and Chong Eu Jynn respectively.  Division C Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest was held at UMC Toyota, Shah Alam on 2nd October 2010.
There were 7 contestants each representing area C1 to C7.

The results:

Division C Humorous Speech Contest 2010
Champion : Margie Kaur from Extol TMC, Area C3 (I Am Crisis Proud)
1st Runner Up : Sew Chang Wei from IME TMC, AreaC2 (Credit Card A Neccessay Devil)
2nd Runner Up : Allan Gan from NLP TMC, Area C7 (Raising Boys)

Contest Chair : Robert Ram (Area C2 Governor)

Division C Evaluation Contest 2010
Test Speaker : Hoo Tze Ling (The Cairo Fiasco)
Champion : Tan Ken Wayne from IEM TMC, Area C2
1st Runner Up :Chong Eu Jynn from Sime Darby Healthcare TMC, Area C3
2nd Runner Up : Khairir Khalil from UTTC TMC, Area C5

Contest Chair : Bryan Soo  (Area C7 Governor)

At District 51 Level
Here came the final level for Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest.  It was held on 31 October 2010 during the District 51 Semi-annual Convention at Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  There were a total of 10 contestants in each contest, representing their respective Division A, B, C, G, H, K, N, P, S and W.  The contests were witnessed by close to 350 Toastmasters from District 51 and other districts.
The results:

District 51 Humorous Speech Contest 2010
Champion : Ooi Ing Chyuan from Seberang Jaya TMC, Division H (Dealing With Flatulance)
1st Runner Up : Zaina Mustafa from Division ? (Manglish)
2nd Runner Up : Lee Xi Wen from TTDI  and MBTC TMC, Division W (Positive Thinking)

Contest Chair : Azizah Abdul Hassan (Division A Governor)

                          HSC Contestants                                                 HSC Winners

District 51 Evaluation Contest 2010
Test Speaker : Stephen Fernando (One More Day)
Champion : Muthukumaran Kodiappen from Renesas TMC, Division S
1st Runner Up : Bernard Louis from D U Advanced TMC, Division B
2nd Runner Up : Seetho Whye Kit from TTDI TMC, Division W

Contest Chair : Vincent Hor (Division W Governor)

                              EC Contestants                                                  EC Winners

Margie, you made it ..... all the way to District level!  This is your first attempt at Humorous Speech Contest and you have gone soooooo....... far. 

You have raised the flag of Extol Toastmasters Club to a much higher level.  We are very proud of you!

For Ratnam and Krishna Kumar, we are proud of you too!  We wish to see you at the top in the next round of contest.  Keep it up!