Thursday, May 21, 2015

EXTOL TOASTMASTERS CLUB Meeting No. 412 on 20 May 2015 at 7.00pm

From L:  Pei San,  Shirley, DTM,   Alan Fung,  Joanne Kuek,  Mohmmad Muslim,   Vladimiro

This was one of the most record-breaking meeting we ever had. We had two Ice Breaker speeches and a CC#10 speech, therefore we experienced THREE standing ovations. Bravo, our dedicated club members had proven themselves to “be a leader” with self-“motivation”.

General Evaluator, Justin Ong, CC

We also thanked our General Evaluator, Justin Ong, CC from MII Toastmasters Club, G1 Area Governor who arrived bright and early and assisted in loading the food and beverage. Thank you Justin, you are really a leader by example!

Many thanks to our frequent guest, Edwin, formerly with AFC Toastmasters Club and Vladimiro for being with us!

ASA, Mohmmad Muslim

ASA, Mohmmad Muslim called the meeting to order at 7.19pm, simultaneously boosted everybody’s spirits in his welcome call.  Kudos, Muslim!

President, Jeannie, ACS, CL

President, Jeannie, ACS, CL, in her opening address remarked that it was not easy to be a Toastmaster neither was it easy to be a non-Toastmaster, therefore it would be better to be a Toastmaster, as being a Toastmaster, at least we would have a great learning experience. We agree with you, Jeannie!

TME, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM

TME, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM, effectively, efficiently and excellently conducted the meeting as expected. Well done, Ngan Eng!

From L:   Sam Koh,   Nicholas Khoo,   Justin Ong, CC,   Karren Lim,   Irene Han

Invocator, Nicholas Khoo related his experience in Melbourne when he was asked what it took to “be a leader” and a politician and he discovered that confidence, “motivation”, conviction and humility are the important attributes. Thank you for your stirring invocation, Nicholas!

The Table Topics and Humour sessions were cancelled to accommodate our Annual General Meeting.

From L: Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,    Jeannie, ACS, CL,   Pun Yew Kee, CC,   Tham Yen Lai,  PY Wong, ACB,   Sam Koh,  Nicholas Khoo

Tham Yen Lai presented CC#1 titled, “Journey to success” by reminiscing on how she overcame hardship in her life by adopting a positive outlook and emulating the greats like “Nelson Mandela”, “Lee Kuan Yew”, “Mahathir” and “Samy Vellu” as advised by her father. Wonderful speech, Yen Lai! 

From L:  Pei San,   Shirley, DTM,   Alan Fung,   Ravi

Her evaluator, Ravi praised her good, loving, positive attitude which were excellent benchmarks to what she is today. Thank you, Ravi!

Second speaker, Irene Han also did CC#1 titled, “Pursuing your passion” by explaining how she finally landed in her chosen career against her father’s wishes. We applaud your determination, Irene!

Her evaluator, Pei San was very happy with her thought-provoking Ice breaker speech . Thank you, Pei San!


Pun Yew Kee, CC

Pun Yew Kee revealed all the inspiring people that motivated him in his Toastmaster journey in his CC#10 titled ”I finally achieve my goal”. Certainly very inspiring, Yew Kee! Congratulations on achieving your CC, too!!

His evaluator, SK Ratnam, DTM was amazed and totally satisfied with his speech which met all the objectives.  Thank you, SK!

From L:   Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,   Irene Han,   Jeannie, ACS, CL

The Best Speaker was Irene Han. Congratulations, Irene!

From L:   Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,   Pei San,   Jeannie, ACS, CL

And the Best Evaluator was Pei San. Congratulations, San! 

From L:   Shirley, DTM,   Alan Fung,   

Ah Counter, Alan Fung very efficiently reported all the word crutches used during the entire meeting which resulted in extra funds for the club. Thank you, Alan!

From L: Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,    Jeannie, ACS, CL,   Pun Yew Kee, CC,   Tham Yen Lai,  PY Wong, ACB,   Sam Koh,  Nicholas Khoo

Grammarian, Sam Koh remarkably reported on all who used the “Word Of The Day” and all the wrongful and creative usage of words and sentences during the meeting. You are awesome, Sam!

Timer, Joanne Kuek

Timer, Joanne Kuek meticulously presented the accurate timings for each session of the whole meeting! Splendid job, Joanne!

Karren Lim, the Listening Evaluator picked ten interesting questions and there were three members who got eight all correct answers and were awarded the Best Listeners.  Terrific job, Karren! 
Congratulations, Ngan Eng, Joanne Kuek and Irene Han!

From L:     Nicholas Khoo,   Justin Ong, CC,   Karren Lim,   Irene Han,   Pei San

General Evaluator, Justin Ong, CC, gave some pointers to our Invocator, stressed on punctuality for commencement of our meeting and placement of the timing device and he looked forward to visit our Club again soon. Thank you, Justin, we welcome your presence anytime, too!

Irene Han, Jeannie, ACS, CL

President Jeannie, ACS, CL presented a token to Irene Han for bringing her daughter, Alicia Leong to the meeting who joined our club as a member in April this year. Well done, Irene!

In closing, President Jeannie, ACS, CL reinforced the importance of having the right “motivation” as a Toastmaster to “be a leader”.  She also reminded that G. Sivalingam, DTM will be giving an Evaluation Talk at our next meeting and encouraged all to be present to benefit from his Evaluation tips.

After a group photo session, we had our club Annual General Meeting and the following were voted in as Club Officers for the term 2015-2016. Congratulations, incoming Club Officers!

From L:   Ravi,   Pun Yew Kee,CC,   Jeannie, ACS, CL,    Tham Yen Lai,   Sam Koh

President: Ken Koh, ACB
Vice President Education: Sheffa Mashuri
Vice President Membership: Sam Koh
Vice President Public Relations: Jeannie, ACS, CL
Treasurer: Pun Yew Kee, CC
Secretary: Dr Ravi
Sergeant-At-Arms: Tham Yen Lai

Committee Members:
SK Ratnam, DTM
Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM
PY Wong, ACB
Mok Pei San
Joanne Kuek
Nicholas Khoo

Advisor: Shirley Bak, DTM

That was indeed a fruitful and well-satisfying meeting, with that, goodnight. 

Our next meeting is on 03 June 2015! See you then!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

EXTOL TOASTMASTERS CLUB Meeting No. 411 on 06 May 2015 at 7.00pm

Each time, our meeting venue was always prepared and ready because of the “good deeds” of our happy club members who arrived early which always “make our day”. Thank you all diligent, great club members who took their “responsibility” so earnestly!

General Evaluator, Steven Khaw, CC, CL

First and foremost, we thanked Steven Khaw, CC, CL, our General Evaluator who is also our Area C5 Governor from Summit Toastmasters Club for gracing our meeting!

From L: Steven Khaw, CC, CL,  Francis Pang, Edin, PY Wong, ACB

We also thanked Francis Pang from Subang Toastmasters Club and Edwin, formerly with AFC Toastmasters Club for being with us!

At this meeting, we also warmly welcomed new member, Alan Fung into our happy Extol family!

ASA, Pun Yew Kee

Pun Yew Kee took over as ASA and called the meeting to order at 7.15pm. Efficient job, Yew Kee!

SK Ratnam, DTM

As President, Jeannie, ACS, CL, was late, SK Ratnam, DTM shared his inspiring and encouraging experiences as the opening address. Thank you, SK!

TME, Pun Yew Kee, deftly managed the whole meeting effectively and excellently. Stupendous job, Yew Kee!

Invocator, Ravi

Invocator, Ravi advocated about developing a character of love, concern and care for others.  He reminded us to appreciate our parents and to celebrate with them especially on special occasions. Thank you for the advice, Ravi!

Table Topics Master, Pei San

Table Topics Master, Pei San conscientiously worked in the theme of the meeting and the Word of The Day into her topics.  Well done, San!

The first Table Topics speaker, Francis declared that he would not donate anything to beggars to discourage begging as he felt that there were syndicates controlling the beggars. Instead he would report them to the authorities. 

Second Table Topics speaker, Tham Yen Lai decided that since she could not differentiate between real and fake beggars, she would not help them but would donate directly to charitable causes instead. 

Third speaker, Alan Fung was agreeable and not bashful about breastfeeding in public although the Malaysian culture was still conservative in this area and had yet to accept this practice.


Fourth and final speaker, Edwin felt privileged about carrying a woman’s bag for her while shopping as he felt that, that was a manly thing to do, although he acknowledged that it would depend on the physical appearance and financial status of that woman which caused incessant laughter.

Well done, all four impromptu speakers!

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,   Francis Pang,   Jeannie, ACS, CL

And the best Table Topics Speaker went to Francis Pang. Congratulations, Francis!

Humour Master, Francis Pang

Humour Master, Francis Pang narrated about our three body organs which fought over their importance to our bodies.  The end result was hilarious. Your humourous journey is beginning, Francis!

PY Wong, ACB, the Table Topics Evaluator was succinct, direct and specific in his evaluation of the four spontaneous speakers. Thank you, PY!

From L: Sam Koh, Victor Guijo, Nicholas Khoo, Ravi, Karren Lim, Pei San, Yen Lai, Joanne, Akmal, Alan Fung,  Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM, PunYew Kee

From L:   Nicholas Khoo, Ravi, Karren Lim, Pei San, Yen Lai, Joanne, Akmal

An induction ceremony for 10 new members was conducted by Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM. Thank you, Ngan Eng!

Victor Guijo

Victor Guijo presented CC#1 titled, “Believe in yourself” relating how he overcame obstacles in his early life, during his university days, his working life and eventually everything fell into place because of his own all embracing nature. Great speech, Victor! 

Shirley Bak, DTM

His evaluator, Shirley Bak, DTM remarked that he was a very confident speaker and well on the path to be an excellent public speaker. Thank you, Shirley!


Second speaker, Ravi did CC#5 titled, “How should we approach life: Optimistically or pessimistically?” by expounding mental fitness was how optimistically we thought of ourselves and how we should look at ourselves from within. We shall control our thoughts, Ravi!

His evaluator, Jeannie, ACS, CL concurred that his speech as usual was very inspiring and motivating although he needed to work on certain hand and body movements as required for the objectives of CC#5. Thank you, Jeannie!

Jeannie, ACS, CL presented Specialty Speeches, AM#1 - Impromptu Speaking titled  ”Understanding grandma” sharing a story about a thorny, unpopular, problematic grandmother who was actually screaming for love, affection and attention from her descendants. She advised us to appreciate all the elders in our lives. 

Her evaluator, SK Ratnam, DTM was satisfied and happy with her speech which met the objectives. Thank you, SK!

From L:   Pun Yew Kee, Victor Guijo,   Jeannie, ACS, CL

The Best Speaker went to Victor! Congratulations, Victor!

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,  Jeannie, ACS, CL

And the Best Evaluator was Jeannie, ACS, CL. Congratulations, Jeannie! 

From L:   Jeannie, ACS, CL,   Victor Guijo,   Yen Lai,    Joanne,   Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,   Sam Koh

Ah Counter, Tham Yen Lai efficiently reported on all the word crutches used by the speakers during the entire meeting. Magnificent job, Yen Lai!

From L:   Ravi, Karren Lim, Shirley Bak, DTM, Nicholas Khoo, SK Ratnam, DTM

Grammarian, Nicholas Khoo reported precisely on all who used the “Word Of The Day” and all the wrongful and creative words and sentences used during the meeting. Wonderful job, Nicholas!

From L:   Alan Fung,  PY Wong, ACB,  Ravi,  Karren Lim,,,Shirley Bak, DTM,   Nicholas Khoo,    SK Ratnam, DTM

Timer, Karren Lim was very attentive all through the meeting and reported precisely on the timing of each section of the whole meeting! Awesome job, Karren!

Sam Koh, the Listening Evaluator

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,  Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,  Jeannie, ACS, CL

Sam Koh, the Listening Evaluator gave ten supposedly simple questions but only Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM got nine all correct answers and was awarded the Best Listener.  Superb job, Sam! 
Congratulations, Ngan Eng!

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,  Steven Khaw, CC, CL,  Jeannie, ACS, CL

General Evaluator, Steven Khaw, CC, CL admitted that he never had to worry about our club which will be a President Distinguished Club soon. Thank you, Steven, for your confidence in us!

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,  Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,  Jeannie, ACS, CL

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,  PY Wong, ACB,  Jeannie, ACS, CL

From L:   Pun Yew Kee,  SK Ratnam, DTM,  Jeannie, ACS, CL

President Jeannie, ACS, CL presented tokens to Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM, PY Wong, ACB, SK Ratnam, DTM for bringing guests to the meeting and their guests joined our club as members. Well done, dedicated club members!

In closing, President Jeannie, ACS, CL reiterated the importance of teamwork which was essential for our club growth and that every club member was important to our club. She also encouraged us to be present at the next meeting on 20 May, 2015 as we will be having our AGM to vote for our next term club officers.

Goodnight and let us meet again on 20 May 2015!