Thursday, August 16, 2007

Club Humourous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2007

I thought last evening was great! Whether the contestants had won or lost or somewhere in between, I saw that all seem to perform better in the contests. A contest is a personal challenge and an engine for self-realization. By knowing where we stand, we can better prepare the journey ahead of us. A little bit of wisdom goes a long way.

By being God's Gift to Women, SK Ratnam nabbed the Humourous Speech Contest Championship. This is followed by our alway-young-at-heart Master Wong with his leech(erous) adventures in Mount Mulu.

Among 6 astute evaluators, we have the champion Michael Chong and 1st Runner-up Marvin Lau. 2nd Runner-up goes to our double contender SK Ratnam. At this point, I'd like to mention our test speaker Nicholas Chu did a good job by daring to take up the challenge and he had made a confident speech.

The Area C5 contests will be on 12 September. Champions and 1st Runner-up please prepare for them. The 1st Runner-ups will be the stand-by area contestants.

Thanks to Div C Gov DTM Parames, Chief Judge CTM CL Kenny Koay, and all other fellow toastmasters for their help and support to make this event successful and well-run.