Friday, December 14, 2007

Joint Meeting with Sunway Toastmasters

A joint meeting between Extol and one of our neighboring clubs, Sunway Toastmasters was held last night at the latter's regular meeting venue in Sunway University College. To say that the meeting was enjoyable is an understatement!

President of Sunway Toastmasters, CTM Murphy Lum

Sunway Toastmasters extended their warmest welcome to the Extol entourage (or Extourage if you may) by serving delicious curry fish and omelette (among others) free of charge! The "Extourage" consisted of President CC Marvin, Treasurer ACB Chak Ngoon, Secretary DTM Ngan Eng, DTM Patricia, TM SK Ratnam, TM YP Koh and myself.

The role players were:-
1. Toastmaster of the Evening: CC Nicholas (Sunway)
2. Invocator: ATMS/CL Dr Alvin (Sunway)
3. Table Topics Master: CTM Danny (Sunway)
4. Table Topics Evaluator: TM David (Extol)
5. Language Evaluator: DTM SK Ratnam (Extol)
6. Humor Mastear: ATMB/CL Stewart (Sunway)
7. AH Counter: TM Eveline (Sunway)
8. Time Keeper: TM Yi Jieh (Sunway)
9. Sergeant-at-Arms: Tm Yi Jieh (Sunway)
10. General Evaluator: ACB Chak Ngoon (Extol)

During the meeting we heard an excellent Ice Breaker from TM Jun Keen, whose speech was evaluated by Sunway Toastmasters' Immediate Past President CL Kenny Koay. Despite having just recovered from a bout of measles, TM Jun Keen gave an impressive performance that left the audience wanting more. Not only did the 19-year old make full use of the time allocated, he also showed little nervousness and didn't use notes!

TM Kwee Lan, who was presenting her C&L#4, taught us that if we don't know what gift to buy for person, try thinking about something that we would like to receive as a recipient. Very apt considering Christmas is just around the corner! Her speech was evaluated by DTM Patricia from Extol Toastmasters. The third and final speaking slot belonged to CC Shane, who was doing his 10th speech from the C&L Manual. His powerfully inspiring speech was evaluated by a no-less powerful man from Extol, Mr President CC Marvin Lau.

In all Toastmasters meetings, there is always something to take home for everyone. Last night was no exception. General Evaluator ACB Chak Ngoon proposed that we should consider employing open-evaluations as well, given the advantages and effectiveness we observed at Sunway Toastmasters. We wish to congratulate all members who have upped a notch in their C&L ladder last night, and thank Sunway Toastmasters, in particular Mr President CTM Murphy Lum for the warm reception and great meeting.

CTM Murphy has also indicated that Sunway Toastmasters will reciprocate by coming to Extol some time early next year. Looking forward to that one!

Monday, December 3, 2007

YC's Farewell

Dear all,

I enjoyed last Friday's event (the Recognition Dinner 2007) and especially the company that you had provided.

I have learned much from my relative short stint as the President of Extol Toastmasters. By administering club affairs and events with the wonderful mix of members in the club , I felt fortunate to have improved my understanding and appreciation of good leadership and the fruits of the Toastmasters programme. It was an eye-opening experience for me and it takes more than words to describe the exhilaration I felt and the little, little things that made me tick in my busiest moments working for the club.

Truly, my life would have been much poorer and my lot lesser without this serendipity.

The weathering trials of Extol Toastmasters made me realize the weight of the words of Winston Churchill in his inaugural speech," I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." To the all the past Presidents of Extol Toastmasters, I admire the work that you had wrought, the trials endured, and the finest moments that you had. You have been the inspiration to me and I would urge all members to learn from all that they have to share.

A Teacher can only bring you so far in your journey, the rest of it, you will have to walk yourself. Members, please take whatever advice they offer seriously and make the first step. There is nothing more depriving than to be blinkered by self-doubt and fettered by avoidance. When you have truly tried, without the fear of failure and reprimand, that will be your finest moment.

In the coming months,

I see Extol Toastmasters uniting in purpose despite their differences and personal biases.

I see Extol Toastmasters overcoming many obstacles that would have mired the meek.

I see Extol Toastmasters rising above the rest because they have told themselves,"We shall overcome."

Some say that I already see the heavens.

(haha... ok~!)

We are not too far from making this club a grand success, what lies ahead requires a little bit more from each of you. And, I am sure you have within you this power and wisdom to make the difference.

A piece of advice that I picked up along the short way of my life,

Fear less, hope more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Talk less, say more;
Hate less, Love more;
And all the good things will be yours.

Please cooperate with your incoming President CC Marvin Lau. I have every confidence in him to carry on this great tradition of Extol Toastmasters and to bring it to greater heights.

This is my last public message as your President. The French madamoiselles and Camembert cheese are waiting for me, and I dare not tarry any longer. "Oui, madamoiselles... je vais! "

Au Revoir!

Monsieur YC Lim
apres le president des Extol Toastmasters

Recognition Dinner 2007

We recognized the contribution of all members to Extol Toastmasters in this event. It was held at TGI Fridays, Subang Parade on 30 November and organized by The Pink Pimpernel and his troupe of Flying Trapeze Elephants.

The special event coincided with VEL-LAU's (brother of Marvin Loo, also VPE of Sai Masters Club) birthday, and so, he became Extol's Official Jester for the evening. Let the pictures do the talking:

Suffice to say, we had a lot of food, fun, and volume during the event and it marked a turning point for the club: the incoming President Marvin Loo is un-officially recognized.

In Extol Toastmasters, it ain't just about the speaking, it's about the fun and the camaraderie too~!