Thursday, July 19, 2007

Meeting #233

In Meeting #233, our Area C5 Governor Gina Chan visited our club and
we witnessed many pleasant surprises.

We saw all our 3 promising new members performed their speeches.

Nicholas Chu made his enthusiastic Icebreaker (standing ovation, please...).

LF Chan gave us an entertaining course in strategic problem solving
for roof leaks, chocolate vs. vanilla, break the printer but don't
tell anybody (... and I suppose I missed the point).

Our good-looking (according to comments by our AG Gina Chan) YP Koh
recounted his escapades: getting scolded while doing a "full monty"
(a.k.a "being stark naked") and being chased by a fierce dog. Of
course, before our imaginations run wild, I'd like to mention that it
all happened in his earlier days when he wasn't as young as he is

All of them gave strong and encouraging performances.

Best Table Topics Speaker: LF Chan
Best Project Speaker: YP Koh
Best Evaluator: Patricia Tan (it pays to evaluate 2 people in a meeting!)

We had 3 guests:

Ivy, who has been our plaque and badge supplier for N years, and her
daughter Wendy, who is an accountant with Marcus Evans, an
event-organizing company from U.K.

SAA's Daydream: Having a plaque supplier in Extol TMC would be a very
valuable "asset" to our club because it definitely could cut down
to-and-fro hassle of ordering and retrieving the plaques!

Also, we had Satchit Anantha from KPMG TMC and Sunway TMC (and
hopefully Extol TMC soon). He has pledged a project speech in our next


Our next meeting date will be on 1st of August. Be there~!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Toastmasters Leadership Institute 7 July.

Just before the 070707 Joint Installation Dinner, 5 Extol officers (VPM Daniel, Treasure Chak Ngoon, Secretary Ngan Eng, and VPPR Marvin) had a fine time rubbing shoulders with other club officers at the semi-annual TLI event. This time, the event is held at SEGi College in Subang Jaya.

Just before the main event, these hungry Extol Toastmasters were caught hanging around the cafeteria posing for photos.