Thursday, December 18, 2014

EXTOL TOASTMASTERS Meeting No. 403 on 17 Dec 2014 at 7.00pm

Ho, ho, ho”! That was a merry, merry meeting we had, mostly dressed in red and white with red caps. As the last meeting of the year 2014, this is one meeting that we “saved the best for last” and illustrated all our resolutions regardless whether they will be fulfilled or not. Resolutions are to be made but not necessarily kept. “Ho, ho, ho”!

General Evaluator, Henry Fu, ACB, ALB

We bid a very warm, merry welcome to General Evaluator, Henry Fu, ACB, ALB from D’Utama Toastmasters Club and Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club. Thank you for being with us on this gracious occasion.

From left: Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM,  Wong Keng Kan, CC,   Sim, Bok San, CC,   Chee Ai Lieng, CC,  Choong Qian Wei, Alex Lu, ACB, ALB

We also welcomed Alex Lu, ACB, ALB, Sim Bok San, CC, Wong Keng Lan, CC, Chee Ai Lieng, CC, May Ong and Choong Qian Wei for your presence at this special meeting. Thank you for being with us.

ASA, Ken Koh, ACB

ASA, Ken Koh, ACB called the meeting to order at 7.20pm as all were too engrossed in the fun, chatter and great food for this special, merry meeting. Well done, Ken!

TME, May Ong

The TME for this meeting was May Ong from Open University Malaysia Toastmasters Club who ran the meeting in her own special style and unique way. Stupendous, May!

President, Jeannie, ACS

President, Jeannie, ACS reminded all that “saving the best for last” is important in every stage of our lives as we need to meet and overcome all obstacles in our path in order to reach our goals, where our resolutions are waiting patiently for us. We will take heed, Jeannie!

From left: May Ong, Pun Yew Kee, Jeannie ACS

Grammarian, Immediate Past President, Pun Yew Kee introduced the Word Of The Day, “Resolution”, this unique word which always surface at every year end but would always seem far-fetched and unattainable later on. Therefore, some declared that they do not observe resolutions but will just take each day at a time. Wonderful explanation, Yew Kee!

Invocator, SK Ratnam, DTM

The invocator, SK Ratnam, DTM exemplified the paradoxical commandments, “Do good anyway, think good anyway”, in the face of all negative circumstances, which was most apt for this last meeting of the year. We shall always demonstrate positivity, SK!

The Table Topics session was cancelled to accommodate a special talk and investment workshop by Alex Lu, ACB, ALB, from IEM Toastmasters Club and a remisier with Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd. It was a most informative, beneficial and enlightening talk in this economically stressful times when the prices of everything rise except our income. Thank you, Alex!

First speaker, Pei San

The first prepared speech by Pei San, CC#3 titled, “Dress for success” was most fitting for this year-end meeting as we need to be suitably attired to constantly meet new challenges in the new year and years to come. Spectacular speech, San! 

Shirley Bak, DTM

Her evaluator, Shirley Bak, DTM concurred that her speech not only met the objectives of her speech but was very relevant, applicable and useful for us. Thank you, Shirley!

Second speaker, Ken Koh, ACB

Second speaker, Ken Koh, ACB did an Advance Manual speech from Storytelling #1 titled, “Dare to be champion”, which highlighted the goals we need to overcome to reach eventual success which was most suitable for this meeting, too! Well said, Ken!

Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM

His evaluator, Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM agreed that the speech was well done, unfortunately it did not meet the objectives for it was a personal story and not a folk tale. Thank you, Ngan Eng!

Third and last speaker, Jeannie, ACS

Third and last speaker, Jeannie, ACS presented an Advance Manual speech from Special Occasion Speech #4 titled, “You are a star”. The setting was concerning our club regular meeting attendance record for the first half year. There were five club members who had attained at least 80% attendance and two had 100% attendance. One of them was Kwa Ngan Eng, DTM, the star of this speech. Well done, Ngan Eng! A really motivating speech, Jeannie!

SK Ratnam, DTM

Her evaluator, SK Ratnam, DTM was satisfied that all objectives of the speech were met, however, he expected some anecdotes and humourous stories which would have added flavor to the speech. Thank you, SK!

Best Speaker, Pei San

Best Evaluator, SK Ratnam, DTM

The Best Speaker was Pei San and the Best Evaluator was SK Ratnam, DTM. Congratulations, San and SK!

Ah Counter, Choong  Qian Wei

First time Ah Counter, Choong  Qian Wei from Sime Darby Healthcare Toastmasters Club was very attentive and reported on the word crutches used by the members which contributed some earnings to the club. Remarkable job, Qian Wei!

Grammarian, Pun Yew Kee

Pun Yew Kee, was very succinct as a Grammarian and reported that all had used the Word of the Day. There were also many creative usages of words and sentences. Excellent job, Yew Kee!

Chee Ai Lieng, CC, the Timer

Chee Ai Lieng, CC, the Timer, also from Sime Darby Healthcare Toastmasters Club was very meticulous in her timer’s report. Well done, Ai Lieng! 

Listening Evaluator, Tan Joke Boey

Best Listening Award to Jeannie, ACS

Listening Evaluator, Tan Joke Boey required numerous answers to each of her ten questions but amazingly, President Jeannie, ACS produced all the correct answers to eight questions and she received the Best Listening Award.  Marvellous job, Joke Boey and congratulations, Jeannie! 

General Evaluator, Henry Fu, ACB, ALB

Alex Lu, ACB, ALB

General Evaluator, Henry Fu, ACB, ALB felt the warmth and happiness lingering throughout the meeting and was also very pleased with Alex Lu, ACB, ALB’s financial workshop. Thank you again, Alex! 

However, he requested our executive committee members’ telephone numbers to be displayed in the meeting agenda to facilitate easy contact by interested parties and also to change our meeting venue address in our Blogspot to avoid confusion. We shall do so, General Evaluator. Thank you, Henry Fu, and we welcome you to our meetings again!

President, Jeannie, ACS


In closing, President, Jeannie, ACS reminded all that the International Speech and Table Topics Contests is on 7 January 2015 at the meeting venue. All club members, do come in full force to support all the contestants!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

See you at our next meeting on 7 January 2015!

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